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Câştigă 2 jocuri originale UBISOFT – Ghost Recon Future Soldier şi Rayman Origins (concurs)
Participă la concurs şi poţi câştiga 2 jocuri originale UBISOFT. Câştigătorul de pe locul 1 va primi două DVD-uri originale cu jocurile Ghost Recon Future Soldier şi Rayman Origins. Câştigătorul de pe locul 2 va primi un DVD original cu Ghost Recon Future Soldier.
Puma Future Cat Big Sh Fle
Adidasi Puma Future Cat Big Sh Fle
X-Men : Days Of Future Past online hd
X-Men : Days Of Future Past
X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014 online subtitrat
X-Men: Days of Future Past 2014
X-Men: Days of Future Past online subtitrat
X-Men: Days of Future Past online subtitrat
Le futur proche
Présent Maintenant, Je suis chez moi. Je téléphone à ma copine. Je tire la queue du chat. Futur proche Demain, bientôt, Je vais retrouver des amis ...
Be going to – future, Future with ‘will’
Be going to - future This structure can be used to talk about plans, intentions and decisions that have already been made. Examples Affirmative - I am ('m) ...
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Online Subtitrat HD
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Online Subtitrat HD
future of technology
future of technology
the near future, 2010
the near future, 2010
Designing The Future - The Venus Project
Designing The Future - The Venus Project
The Future is Being Written Right Now
The world, it seems, is reaching a critical juncture in history. Current trends are pointing towards dramatic changes in government and society. Long standing institutions are scrambling to stay afloat as new rivals challenge old ideas. Meanwhile, the global elite, foreseeing these changes, is fighting to retain control over a global system that is being torn apart by economic meltdown and a global political awakening. As top global strategists like Zbigniew Brzezinski have admitted, cracks are forming in the many bases of establishment control.

Global Political Awakening

Global governance has been a long term goal of elites for decades. However, a global political awakening is taking place that is proving to be a major stumbling block under the feet of the world’s elite. During a recent Council on Foreign Relations meeting in Montreal, Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that, “Mankind is now politically awakened and stirring,” stating that a fractured elite “…makes it a much more difficult context for any major power, including currently the leading world power, the United States.” [...]
Clauses and linkers of contrast, Comparison of adjectives and adverbs, Verbs, Time clauses in the future
Clauses and linkers of contrast although, however, in spite of/despite + gerund (-ing) 1. often starts a new sentence and is followed by a comma: There's no ...
Conditional linking words and punctuation, General truths, Possibility/likelihood in the present or future
Conditional linking words and punctuation Common conditional conjuctions are: if, as/so long as, unless, even if, providing, provided (that), on condition ...
Clauses and linkers of contrast, Comparison of adjectives and adverbs, Verbs, Time clauses in the future
Clauses and linkers of contrast although, however, in spite of/despite + gerund (-ing) Often starts a new sentence and is followed by a comma - There's no work ...
Future World (2018) Online Subtitrat in Limba Romana
Future World (2018) Online Subtitrat in Limba Romana
Le futur proche
Présent Maintenant, – Je suis chez moi...
Oxford Professor Calls for Mass Drugging Population Through Water Supply
In a 2008 paper titled, “Fluoride and the Future: Population Level Cognitive Enhancement,” Oxford bioethics professor Julian Savulescu claims that water fluoridation may be key to the “future of humanity.” He argues that “fluoridation may not merely be about tooth decay… [but] the drive to be better.”

Drugging the population’s water supply, Savulescu claims, is a form of “enhancement” that can pave the way to a future where mental abilities and other functions could be improved with drugs. Savulescu writes: [...]
Paul Graham despre legatura intre renumele scolii pe care o termini si succesul de mai tarziu. Sau mai degraba despre lipsa ei.
"A few weeks ago I had a thought so heretical that it really surprised me. It may not matter all that much where you go to college.

For me, as for a lot of middle class kids, getting into a good college was more or less the meaning of life when I was growing up. What was I? A student. To do that well meant to get good grades. Why did one have to get good grades? To get into a good college. And why did one want to do that? There seemed to be several reasons: you'd learn more, get better jobs, make more money. But it didn't matter exactly what the benefits would be. College was a bottleneck through which all your future prospects passed; everything would be better if you went to a better college.

A few weeks ago I realized that somewhere along the line I had stopped believing that."
Top 10 Dance Selection.11 septembrie 2008
Am gasit azi un Top 10 de muzica dance din septembrie, toate melodiile sunt foarte tari, merita ascultate. Le-am uploadat poate vreti sa le descarcatii pe toate, sa nu le mai cautati pe fiecare in parte. ;x

1.Alex Gaudino vs Nari & Milani feat Carl - I’m A Dj (Jason Rooney Remix)
2.Ce Ce Peniston - Finally 2008 (The Kam Denny And Paul Zala Remix)
3.Danny Darko - We Need To Wake Up (Gianluca Luisi Remix)
4.Global Deejays - The Sound Of Disco 2008 (Phatal Beatz Remix)
5.Joachim Pastor - Tribute (Original Mix)
6.John Revox & Enur - Ol & Calabria (Ceeril Klein Remix)
7.Montel Jordan - This is how we do it (2008 knowlton walsh remix)
8.Out Of Office - Insatiable (Mecks Back To The Future Dub Mix)
9.Sergio Del Rio - Guloo (Gambafreaks Vs Fedo Mix)
10.The Cube Guys - Baba O’Riley (Cicada Vocal Mix)
Justin Timberlake - Magic
Justin Timberlake a scos o piesa care se numeste Magic si care e produsa de norvegienii de la Stargate .Nu prea mi se pare o piesa reusita la o prima ascultare, albumul Future Sex/Love Sounds a fost grav, sa vedem acum sa vedem urmatorul cum o sa fie , care e planuit sa iasa undeva prin 2009 .
Bitza - Sufletul Orasului (HD Preview)
Am vazut mai devreme pe Cafeaua din Zori un preview la Sufletul orasului , piesa care ii promoveaza urmatorul material .Parca trebuia sa filmeze la Din bara in bara, se pare ca s-a razgandit ,si stiu ca zicea Florin pe twitter ca tocmai a vazut noul clip Bitza cu Raku , deci asta sa fie .mai jos aveti detaliile luate dupa Future graphics si dupa more preview ul.
10 things young Romanian idealists can’t change in Romania
The conclusion in the end is that the future generations will pay the bill for all the harm done by greedy Romanians, efficient bankers and corrupt, incompetent, stealing Government [ro, php].
So, I have gathered a list of things that NONE of the young idealist Romanian students can do. Just 10. You may contribute to the list.
1. This generation cannot pay Romania’s external debt;
2. This generation cannot unchain Romania from IMF (which by the way is not in any real condition to help the economies;
3. This generation cannot change the cultural Romanian characteristics which have brought the country down;
4. This generation cannot change the downfall of the real estate market, neither the rate of unpayable bank debts

[read more]
Urmărirea perpetuă
Unde este Jimmy? E de-ajuns să-i cauţi codul de bare pe Google

Acum oamenii de ştiinţă însemnează animalele pentru a le studia comportamentul şi a le proteja pe cele pe cale de dispariţie, dar unii futurişti se întreabă dacă nu cumva ar trebui însemnaţi toţi oamenii. Entuziaştii tehnologiei şi futuriştii cred că cipurile RFID implantabile, ca cele introduse în mâinile lui Amal Graafstra, ar însemna protecţie, siguranţă şi confort. Dar susţinătorii libertăţilor civile îşi fac griji pentru intimitate. Oamenii de ştiinţă însemnează animalele pentru a le monitoriza comportamentul şi pentru a urmări speciile pe cale de dispariţie. Acum, unii futurişti se întreabă dacă nu ar trebui însemnată toată omenirea. Încerci să găseşti pe cineva drag? Caută-i microcipul pe Google.

Cipurile, numite dispozitive de identificare prin frecvenţa radio (RFID), emit un semnal radio simplu asemănător cu un cod de bare, în orice loc şi în orice moment. Adepţii futurismului spun că se pot implanta uşor sub pielea de pe braţ. Guvernul din Mexic a implantat deja chirurgical cipuri de mărimea unui bob de orez, în partea superioară a braţului, la angajaţii biroului procurorului general din Mexico City. Cipurile conţin coduri care, atunci când sunt citite de scanere, permit accesul într-o clădire sigură şi previn infracţiunile comise de traficanţii de droguri. [...]
Bilderberg 2010: Globalists Panic Over Euro Collapse
The presence of Spain’s heavyweight political and financial leaders at this year’s Bilderberg conference is not just because the secretive annual confab is taking place just outside Barcelona – it’s because the Bilderberg elitists are panic stricken at the possibility that their embryonic global currency – the euro – could be heading for total collapse.

Highlighting once again how increased exposure of Bilderberg and their motives on behalf of activists over recent years has contributed towards the agenda becoming an open conspiracy, the London Times, perhaps the biggest establishment newspaper in the world alongside the New York Times and the Washington Post, was the first mainstream publication to break the silence on hundreds of global power brokers meeting in secret at the Hotel Dolce resort in Sitges over the next few days, with a report entitled Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests.

For the Times to name the most influential figures attending the event and reveal what they will discuss is a far cry from how the corporate media treated Bilderberg in the past, when they were loathe to even acknowledge its existence.

According to the report, David Rockefeller and his colleagues will be graced with the presence of Spanish Prime Minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who will give the opening address, as well as Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Spanish Foreign Minister, and Pedro Solbes, Spain’s former Economy Minister. One of the primary topics of conversation will be “the future of the euro”.

These three men will undoubtedly inform their globalist masters as to whether or not Spain is likely to go the same way as Greece, which if it happens would probably be the death knell for the euro single currency, and in turn a hammer blow to long term plans to implement a global currency, which IMF chief and BIlderberg member Dominique Strauss-Kahn recently told a gathering of elitists in Zurich was one of the prizes the elite wanted to plunder from exploiting the economic crisis.

Spain’s economy is in tatters not only because of the global economic meltdown, but because of the country’s disastrous efforts to implement the “green economy” that is mandated as part of what EU Commission chief and prominent Bilderberger Jose Manuel Barroso called the “post-industrial revolution”...
10 Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country
The United States by every measure is hanging on by a thread to its First World status. Saddled by debt, engaged in wars on multiple fronts with a rising police state at home, declining economic productivity, and wild currency fluctuations all threaten America’s future.

The general designations of the ranking system for world status date back to the 1950s, and have included countries at various stages of economic development. Since the Cold War, the definition has come to be synonymous with repressive countries where a wealthy class of ruling elites segment society into the haves and have-nots, many times capitalizing on the conditions that follow an economic crisis or war.

While much of the world is still mired in poverty, the reduced cost of innovative tools such as computing and connectivity ironically puts traditional Third World countries at the forefront of a new lean-and-mean economy that is based on ideas of empowerment for the disenfranchised. For better or worse, the world is leveling due to Globalism. However, America and other over-leveraged countries face this re-balancing of the globe at a time when they have dwindling resources. We can speculate about who and what is to blame for America’s fantastic fall, but for the purposes of this article we shall focus on the obvious signs that the United States is beginning to resemble a Third World country. [...]
Probably the best PTC in 2011
N-ai mai vazut asa ceva! This is the future!
Nelu Iordache a visionary who created two empires from virtually nothing
Nelu Iordache a visionary who created two empires from virtually nothing
Some of the greatest fortunes and empires in history were created by people who started with nothing. Nelu Iordache is one of them. Most of Romanian tycoons prefer to spend their money in remote locations, exotic paradises, or simply invest it in off shores “ghost businesses”.

Romstrade and his low cost airline Blue air are one of the most successful stories. Romania is a poor country, devastated by the lengthen recession but mostly by the ignorance and rapacity of her leadership. Nelu Iordache dream is to build for the future in ones of the most unexpected fields: air transportation, infrastructure and eco farming. He wants to connect the people faster, better and to feed them in a proper way. How do you this our planet will cope with a nine billion inhabitants challenge? Nelu Iordache farm “La Mosie” is one piece of the answers puzzle.

Bucharest’s real estate market is now frozen. Through building a modern airport in Adunatii Copaceni, the north area of the capital city of Romania will be freed of some unnecessary traffic and a boom in construction will be initiated.

Romstrade is the most modern equipped road construction firm in South east Europe and in its portfolio are some major magnificent roads like Transalpina DN67C, a jewel of the Carpathian Mountains crown.

Now Nelu Iordache is detained for the so called embezzlement of European funds. There is nothing more untrue! This kind of fund is so tightly accounted that is impossible for somebody to misuse them. The fact of temporary landing fund from a company to another of the same owner is a routine in nowadays during this recession, even if it might look not very kosher.

Iordache is not one of those so called investors whom their fortune is based upon some financial mambo-jumbo or Ponzi scheme. Iordache makes the real thing for you. He is reshaping the Romanian future for us, in an unbelievably way for most of us.

The Valliant visionaries might not follow always the common paths. The future will tell us that Nelu Iordache is right!
Bascheti PUMA 41% reducere
Baschetii PUMA pentru barbati 917 MID PUNK sunt nspirati ca design din modelele originale Speed Cat Mid si Future Cat Mid.